general rules & guidelines

joining the gpsl: first and foremost, this is an invite only gpsl. you will need an invitation from another member in order to join! however, once you are given an invitation, joining will be relatively easy as long as you follow the guidelines below! because this is a laid back gpsl, we do not mind if you use an ic or ooc username as long as it has no underscores, numbers or excessive letters. when you apply, we should see an ic contact post and ooc contact post with character information in your journal, both backdated. examples are required to join and we'd prefer to see thread and narrative examples!

character information: we do not expect a full biography, but we do want to see that you have a basic understanding of your character when applying. please include the following info in your ooc post:
full name
date of birth
status (noble, commoner etc.)
character background/information (basic facts, small blurb or a timeline - no lengthy bios please)
updates: should be done on a monthly basis, between the first and last day of the month. this can be done one of two ways, because we're not picky as long as you're active and posting on the fp! updates can be a narrative, showing your character development or something that is going on in your character's life, or it can be an interactive post by way of a magical interactive scroll.

removals: occur at the end of each update cycle. you can be removed in the middle of a cycle if your friend's list is out of date more than 7-10 days or if you haven't responded to any of your activity/intro comments within a few days. we have a zero tolerance policy for ic/ooc blurring or harrassment of any kind and will remove anyone who participates in either without warning.

rejection: this is not a first come, first serve community. we reserve the right to accept and reject as we see fit. if your application was deleted that means you were rejected. we reject applicants if we feel that their examples were not what we are looking for, if it was clear that rules/about pages had not been read or we just didn't feel as though you'd be a good fit for the community. as it stands, we do not answer many inquiries on rejection.

activities and world-building we will be doing group plots and events to keep things moving. some may involve npcs, but given that this is going to be such a small group we will encourage using player characters as well.

threads: since this is such a small group, we will be encouraging public threads in the main community. our main focus here at athera will be writing, world building, and character development. we understand that some people may not be comfortable with this type of setting, and we hope that you understand this coming in. threads in customs are discouraged unless it is adult or sexual in nature.