Mankind is by far the youngest of the races of Athera. Their lifespans aren't nearly as long lived as many of the others, as the typical human lives to be roughly 86, while some other races can be thousands upon thousands of years old. The humans take up their home in the rolling plains-lands and hills around the Golden city of Vale, as well as the city of Nymeria. (The latter being named after the goddess of war, respectively.) Humans tend to be the most greedy, and as such, have the biggest and strongest military only second to the elves. They are ruled by a monarchy, and often favor nobility over the commoners. Their King is named King William Avington, a man who comes from much wealth and status, his family having been the line of royalty and power within human politics for centuries. Each major town or city within the human realms are ruled over by a lord, with the exception of Vale, which is where the King and Queen reside.

Rarity: Most common race in Athera
Best Classes: Humans are proficient in all classes
Distinguishing features: Plain facial features, sometimes their build
Languages: Common, some might learn other languages - typically Elven and Dwarven

The Humans are ruled over by a monarchy. However, this isn't quite as similar to how the Kembos are ruled. Instead, the King rules as a figurehead for the people, while also consulting to a council and a person who is chosen by the King to be his hand, or his adviser. The position of the King is one which is handed down through the family; upon the former King's death, (or varying other reasons depending), the next in line will be crowned and appointed to the throne. Their Queen is usually someone chosen from another major Noble family, usually for political ties.

The four major noble houses are below:



Asmure is the dominant faith in Athera. Asmure is largely used alongside holywords praised by Paladins and Clerics. They have formed a guild in worship of Asmure and his light, known as the Holy Order, and often travel the world of Athera to spread word and teach his faith.
Other gods worshipped (primarily by Humans, Elves, and Half-elves are below:

Dhara: goddess of nature and life; primarily worshipped by druids.
Hasmure: god of death-the opposite of Asmure; primarily worshipped by necromancers
Nymeria: goddess of war, battle, and fire
Florance: goddess of beauty, love, grace
Leyara: goddess of truth and wisdom
Enris: god of order
There are temples for each pantheon located in various cities, as they all are open to worship. Each religion coexists freely.

The human military is one of the strongest, only second to the Elves. They use a system similar to what the Dwarves and Elves do as well; the strict discipline and training, as well as the formatting in which they approach battle. However, rather than canons and gunfire, humans use a lot of trebuchets and siege weaponry. Their military is made up of knights who wear heavy armor, wielding deadly weapons, riding horseback and using holy spells both to damage their foes and heal their allies. In recent years, they have also taken to allowing mages to join their ranks, taking advantage of the lethal damage caused by evocation magic.

SOLDIERS: Soldiers are normal fighters, who enlist in the military as any normal soldier does. many of them are grunts though some can train to become a higher level rank within the military and some who learn to harness certain types of magic can move onto become specific class-based roles.
CLERICS: battle clerics are those whose sole purpose is to heal and to give blessings to those who become injured during battles.
PALADINS: paladins are typically knights, who use the power of holy magic and the word of asmure to imbue their weapons with holy power and thus making themselves formidable foes on the battlefield.
SORCERERS: sorcerers, or battle mages as they are sometimes called, are formidable foes who use their knowledge of the the many types of magic in order to cause large, damaging blows to their enemies.