The Elves are regarded with much respect and mystery, as they are such an ancient race and have made up the law and the way of life for Athera for several centuries before the other races chose to emerge. As such, they often keep to themselves and are seen as pompous by the other races. They don't get along well with Dwarves or Orcs, and their closest allies are the Humans.

They make up for a large part of the Greenwood, and their main capital is Ars'dornac, an ancient Elven city which is almost as old as the Elves themselves! Their government is a council which is made up of the highest noble families of each Elven type. The High Elves are seen as more civilized, and reside within the capital city, while the Wood Elves, sometimes nomadic and more nature-inclined, live within the Greenwood as druids and rangers. The Dark Elves live within the mountains, neighboring the Dwarves--and some would say, rivaling them with their own cavernous architecture, while lastly, we have the Northern Elves, who live in a more tribal, wild like setting.

Rarity: Common
Reputation: It depends on the type of elf! Dark Elves, or Drow, are known for living underground, and for their dark skin, while Wood Elves are known for being short in stature and for their skills in nature magic, and High Elves, are known for their height, their fair complexion and skills in arcane magic.
Best Classes: Sorcerer, Rogue, Ranger, Warrior, Paladin, Druid, Bard, Warlock
Distinguishing Features: skin colors, pointed ears, long hair, athletic builds
Languages: Elven, Common

The Elven Council is comprised of the highest noble families from each type of elf. It consists of nine families, all who are known for their own abilities and prowess, be it with spells, a weapon, or as priests, priestesses, and paladins. This council holds reign and authority over all elves, no matter the type (High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, etc.) However, each family resides in their own capital city. High Elves are the ones which live in Ars'dornac, while the Wood Elves reside in the Greenwood, the Dark Elves in their cavern cities and the northern Elves live as wildlings in the north.

ELA'VARIS: House Ela'varis is a name well known among the elven people, especially those involved with the mage's college, Wexworth Tower, because of their prowess as mages and for their devotion as scholars to the college.
KEL'VALUR: House Kel'valur are fierce warriors, and the third family of high elves among the council.
TETHRAIN: A family of devout priests, priestesses, and paladins who spend their lives spreading the world of Asmure, and using the power of holy light to bring down their foes. Those in house Tethrain who don't join the military, instead devote their lives to the church and to the light, often going away from Ars'dornac on missionary excursions to help those less fortunate.
DAERAN: Daeran is another house of skilled and agile fighters. Their name is one which is known well by the high generals of the elven army.
SYLL'VYN: Syll'vyn make up the number of druids in the council, as well as in the military, though the ones who join the military and choose a life as a fighter are typically archers. Much like house Tethrain, those who don't join the military instead form groves within the Greenwood, worshiping Dhara and helping to preserve nature as best they can.
TRIS'RAN: Though there are not many families of Dark Elves devoted to the council, it is required that they have at least two. The highest of the noble families who are part of the council is Tris'ran as well as Vay'dark, and they are both names approached with some disdain among the scholars of Wexworth Tower, because of their involvement with studying the dark arts.
VAY'DARK: Much like house Tris'ran, the elves of Vay'dark put their knowledge to use studying and practicing the dark arts, if only to learn how to better harness it for the greater good--or so they say. It is rumored that they have ties with the Dark Hand, but as such, it is only a rumor.
ARA'WARIN: Ara'warin are the Northern Elves. Though they mostly live more tribal means as wildlings, they do have some sort of involvement with the council and will send representatives to the capitol for a meeting once a month. however, much like the Dark Elves, the Northern Elves prefer to close themselves off from the rest of the world and are very wary of outsiders.
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The Elven religions are similar to the Humans, as it was something which was founded first by the Elves and adopted later by other races. The main pantheon can be found here! As it is so similar to the main pantheon worshiped by the humans, the Elves who worship these same gods tend to inter-mingle with the humans, living as missionaries, or devoting their lives to a certain god. It is a wide-spread way of living, though religion isn't always a requirement, because just like humans and any other races, the Elves are also filled with their fair share of atheists as well.

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