What the Gnomes lack in size, they make up for with their brilliance. Gnomes are a highly intelligent, albeit small, race of people. They spend their time tinkering and building constructs, studying arcane magics, and generally using their intelligence to the best of their abilities. A gnome's intelligence is unmatched by any other race in Athera, sometimes even the more ancient races such as dragons and elves! Some of Athera's most famous, and well known philosophers, scholars, and inventors, have all been gnomes.

Rarity: Common
Reputation: Well respected and sought out for their knowledge
Best Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Rogue
Distinguishing Features: Small height, shrill voices, often different colored hair
Languages: Common, Gnomish, and various others depending on what they choose to learn.

The Gnomes are ruled over by a king, who's family line had been ruling over the gnomish people for centuries now. The Fizzbang house, a house of noble (or as noble as gnomes get), scholarly gnomes, whose name is well known not only among the gnomes but with various other races, as well. Mainly: elves, humans, and dwarves, as these races are the ones who often work with gnomes the most out of all other races in Athera. Their King is known as: Dorrick Fizzbang, a powerful mage who, before being crowned king upon his father's death, would hold seminars and lectures at the mage's college, Wexworth Tower. Now, however, he oversees his people with a steady, firm, but kind hand.

The gnomes, like many other races, have a pantheon of their own which they worship.

Baervan Wildwanderer: is the gnome deity of Forests, Travel, and Nature. Baervan lives in the gnomish realm of the Golden Hills on the plane of Bytopia. Baervan's clerics wear wood-brown clothes and green caps. His sacred animal is the raccoon. Baervan's holy days are on the full moon, and he is worshipped in forest clearings. Treasured items are sacrificed to him monthly.
Baravar Cloakshadow: is the gnomish deity of illusions, protection, and deception. He creates traps and illusions of stunning complexity and cunning. He is somewhat mean-spirited compared to most of the other gnomish gods, and his pranks may cause even his friends real pain, at least emotionally. He genuinely hates the kobold, goblinoid, and orcish races, believing they cannot be expected to reform. His symbol is a cloak and dagger.
Callarduran Smoothhands: is the gnome god of the earth in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. He is the patron deity of the svirfneblin (deep gnomes), and is not very popular among other gnome subraces. Unlike other gods of the Underdark, he is not an outcast. He voluntarily led his people to the depths as a means of encouraging diversity among the gnomes. Callarduran Smoothhands is a True Neutral Intermediate Power. His symbol is a golden ring with a ruby star on it.
Flandal Steelskin: is the gnome deity of mining, smithing, and fitness. His symbol is a flaming hammer. He appears as a balding, aging gnome with skin the color of blue mithral steel, eyes like flaming coals, and hair of brilliant blue-silver. He wears a leather apron over the rest of his clothes, and carries Rhondang, an intelligent axe-backed hammer made of yellowish metal. He is the strongest of the gnomish pantheon and is able to sniff out veins of any ore with his prodigious nose. As such, he is the patron of gnomish warriors, miners and metalworkers.
Garl Glittergold: is the patron deity of gnomes in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, and a member of the game's default pantheon of deities. His symbol is a gold nugget. Garl carries an intelligent axe named Arumdina