Rarity: Common, especially in the north.
Reputation: Known as being fierce, barbaric fighters, worshipping gods different than the other humans and often pillaging foreign lands.
Best Classes: Ranger, Rogue, Warrior, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Bard, Paladin
Distinguishing Features: muscular build, rugged appearance, tribal tattoos, nordic style
Languages: Common, Orcish, Dwarven

The Nords have their own rulers within the north, seperate from the king and queen who rule over the rest of the humans in Athera. They instead follow their own kings and jarls.:


Much like the other races of Athera, the nords do have their own gods which they worship. However, it is a common misconception that, just because they are also humans, the nords worship the human gods but that is not true. Instead, they have their own pantheon.

ODIN: King of the Norse Gods, God of poetry, battle and death. Chief god of the Aesir. Also known as the “all-father”, the “terrible one”, “one-eyed” and “father of battle”
THOR: God of Sky, thunder and fertility. Associated with law and order in Asgard and guardian of the Norse gods. Son of Odin and Earth and husband of Sif. Also known as the “thunder god” and “charioteer”
LOKI: The sly, trickster of the Norse gods. Son of two giants. Also known as the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer and the Sky Traveller. Becomes increasingly more evil. He is responsible for the death of Balder. Bound until Ragnarok.
BALDR: Son of Odin and Frigg. Known as a gentle and wise god. Killed accidentally by his brother Hod. Will return after Ragnarok.
TYR: War god. Son of Odin who sacrificed his hand in the binding of Fenrir.
FREYJA: Main goddess of the Vanir (fertility gods). Daughter of Njord and sister of Freyr.
HEIMDALLR: Watchman of the Norse gods and owner of the horn Gjall. Son of nine mothers. Often identified with Rig, the creator of three races of men.
NJOERD: A Vanir god associated with wind and sea. Husband of Skadi and father of Freyja and Freyr.


HERSIR: Only Chosen by The High King/Queen or Jarl, Leading General.
MERKISMATHR:Only Chosen by the High King/Queen or Jarl, Leading Commander.
RADNINGAR: Strong Warrior,has proven his/her loyalty and strength during raids/pvps and is respected by his/her members, Available to Train Others.
AESIR: Strong Elite Members, Willing to train other fellow clan members.
VANIR: Strong Elite members, Not willing to train other fellow clan members.
HUSKARL: Veteran Warrior, has proven his/her loyalty and skills and is considered a trusted member, can be chosen to lead raids/wars by any of the above, excluding the Aesir/Vanir.
BERSERKER/VALKYRIE: Veteran, given to those who have shown an outstanding attitude, skill, dedication and is considered a trusted member. You may be a subject for a higher rank. This rank is “Berserker” or “Valkyrie” dependent on your character’s gender. This rank is only given to people who play the game on a highly active basis.